By default, the problem is due to emails ending up in the spam folder instead of the inbox, or the member has disabled email notifications in their account. Spam filters are constantly being updated and are becoming increasingly strict, so the spam problem may be recurring. The following should help:

  • Check spam: 
    • Important: It is the spam folder in the webmail that needs to be checked, not the spam folder in the Outlook or mail program.
    • Open the browser and log in to your own webmail (e.g.,,
    • Select the «Spam» or «Junk» folder.
    • Mark all emails from SportsNow and mark them as «not spam» or move them to your inbox.
  • Check settings: 
    • Open the settings on the web under «My Account» - «Settings».
      Or in the SportsNow app under «More» - «Settings» - «Notifications».
    • Make sure that the «Receive notifications by email» setting is enabled.

If the problem persists, we recommend that you submit a request with the affected emails so that we can help you.