Who can use this feature?

SportsNow offers you the possibility to connect your studio with exivo. exivo, the easy and comfortable access solution from dormakaba, offers you to manage the access to your studio in proven dormakaba quality securely and online. With the exivo integration you can connect your access solution from dormakaba directly to the member management of SportsNow and thus completely automate the access management of your members.

The advantages of the exivo-Integration

  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Automatic synchronization of all customers.
  • Automatic management of access media and access groups depending on the pass.

How does it work?

  • All members in SportsNow are automatically synchronized with exivo.
  • Members with a valid pass automatically receive the appropriate access rights in exivo.
  • The access rights in exivo are automatically removed if a pass has expired or is deleted.
  • All access rights in exivo can be assigned to a pass in SportsNow.

Good to know

  • People manually created in exivo are not synchronized with SportsNow. Therefore, exivo can be used independently of SportsNow (e.g. for staff).
  • Members have to be created and managed in SportsNow to be synchronized with exivo.
  • A member needs at least one assigned badge (see also «Assign badge with QR code» under Assign badge to members) and a valid pass in SportsNow to get access via exivo.
  • The synchronization is performed several times a day.

Step-by-step instructions

Connect exivo

  • An existing and fully established exivo account is required.
  • Click in the admin area on «Apps & integrations» - «exivo».
  • Settings: Enter the «Site ID»,«API key» and «Secret API key» which you can find in your exivo under«API Settings».
  • Click on «Save settings» to make the connection.
  • Congratulation! You have successfully connected your studio to exivo.

As soon as bexio is connected, you have the option to link your access groups in exivo with your passes in SportsNow.

Access groups

  • Click on the box «Access groups» to open it.
  • You will now see a table with two columns: «Access groups» and «Passes»
  • Now mark all passes from SportsNow that you would like to link to the corresponding access group for your customers in exivo.
  • Tip: Hold down the CONTROL key (Windows) or the ⌘ key (Mac) to select multiple passes.
  • Priority: Optionally, set the priority of the access group if a pass is linked to several access groups. The access group with higher priority is preferred.
  • Click on «Save settings» to save the links.