Who can use this feature?

  • Administrators and instructors with back office
  • Premium ENTERPRISE / Add-On «Mobile & Badge Check-In»

In this guide you will learn how the check-in and access control work in detail and how to manage the check-in.

Check-In and access control explained

Using a check-in gives you security and allows you to ensure that only members with a valid pass are granted access to your studio. You can also keep track of who is currently in your studio. SportsNow offers you two basic ways for your members to check in to your studio: 

  • By scanning a QR code with the SportsNow app.
  • By contactless scanning of the membership card (badge) at a reader.

Check-in with QR Code

With the modern mobile solution from SportsNow, check-in is easy and convenient via app on the smartphone. The check-in via QR code is the most modern and also the cheapest option, as no additional badges are required. The only requirement is that your members own a smartphone and use the SportsNow app. Here's how it works:

  • With the Premium Enterprise or the «Mobile & Badge Check-In» add-on you will receive your own QR code in the admin area of your studio.
  • This QR code can be seen by your members at the entrance of your studio (printed or on a screen).
  • The member scans the QR code with the SportsNow app on his smartphone to check in. As the member is logged in to the app with their own SportsNow account, their pass is automatically verified.

Check-in with badge

Alternatively or additionally, the check-in can be done with a badge. Here you use your own smartphone as a reader, where your members can scan their badge without contact. In order to use your smartphone as a terminal, it has to use the Android operating system and be NFC (Near Field Communication) capable. Here's how it works:

  • With the Premium Enterprise (or «Mobile & Badge Check-In» add-on) you can set the SportsNow app or your smartphone as a reader. 
  • Open the SportsNow app and press «More» - «Badge Check-In Terminal» to set the device as a reader.
  • Attach your smartphone in the entrance area where your customers can scan their badge without contact.
  • If the member has a valid subscription, the screen will turn green and the member will be automatically checked in. Otherwise, the screen will turn red and information will be displayed. In addition, a different tone will sound, so that it is visually and acoustically recognizable whether a member has a valid pass or not.

Check-in with external partner solutions

Alternatively there is the possibility to work with hardware and readers from our partners in the access control sector. The functionality is identical to the contactless scanning of a badge, but instead a special reader is used as a terminal. 

If you are interested, we recommend contacting the desired partner directly. Our partners can show you which possibilities are generally available for integration and can advise you whether an existing system is compatible. A prerequisite on the part of SportsNow is that your studio uses the Premium Enterprise or the corresponding add-on («Integration with exivo», «Integration with Gantner» or «Integration with n-tree»).

Please note that additional costs may arise from the partner solution. Here you have an overview of our partners:

Manage Check-Ins

Below we explain how the daily work with Check-Ins in SportsNow works. You can find everything about the Check-In in the admin area under «Check-In». Here you will get an overview of all check-ins, find your QR code and you can also check members in and out manually.

Good to know

  • You can edit and correct Check-Ins at any time, if something is entered incorrectly.

Step-by-step instructions

  • Click in the admin area on «Check in».
  • You will see an overview of the checked in members that you can manage. The following actions are available to you:
    • Show outstanding invoices: Opens a window with the open invoices, which you can manage directly.
    • Check-Out: Checks the member out immediately.
    • Edit: Opens a window where you can manually edit the time of check-in and check-out.
    • Delete: Deletes the check-in permanently. This operation cannot be undone.

Other functions

  • Check-in Code: Here you will get to a new page that shows you the QR code of your studio. You can print it out so that your members can easily scan it and check in.
  • Check in members: Here you will find an overview where your customers and team members are listed. To check in a member, you must click on «Check-In» and confirm with «OK».
  • Check-Out:To check a checked in member out again, you must go to «Check-Out» and confirm with «OK».


At check-in, you will have some settings available. You can set a check-in limit for your studio so that no more members than the maximum number can check in. You can also specify that only members with a valid Covid certificate can check in. If desired, you also have the option to display information when a member checks in.

Step-by-step instructions

  • Click in the admin area on «Check in».
  • Click on «Settings».
  • Allow check-in only with valid Covid certificate: Enable this feature if you want to allow entry to your studio only with a valid Covid certificate.
  • Check-in limitation: Enter the maximum number of members that can be checked in here.
  • Check-in information for your customers: Here you can enter information that will be displayed to your members upon successful check-in.
  • When you are finished, click on «Save settings».