Who can use this function?

  • Administrators
  • Premium Enterprise / Add-On «Integration with n-tree» 
  • https://www.n-tree.ch/
  • Separate fees are charged by n-tree for the use of the n-tree partner solution. 

SportsNow offers you an integration with n-tree. With n-tree you have the possibility to connect RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) and turnstiles with SportsNow for a comprehensive access control solution. This allows you to keep track of who is in the gym and ensure that only members with a valid subscription can access your gym. The n-tree solution is particularly suitable for fitness studios.

More information on how the check-in system and access control work in general can be found here: Check-in and access control explained  

The advantages of n-tree integration

  • Security thanks to access control
  • Reliable contact tracing via check-in
  • Tailor-made solution from Swiss companies
  • Optimal reading quality thanks to badges at check-in

How does it work?

  • n-tree offers you a check-in solution in your gym. n-tree is responsible for the installation.
  • SportsNow requires that your gym uses the Premium Enterprise or the add-on «Integration with n-tree»
  • During access control, members with a valid subscription receive the corresponding access rights and are automatically included in the check-in system.  
  • If the member does not have a valid subscription, access is accordingly not granted and the member is not checked in. 
  • Subscription and access management is handled by SportsNow, n-tree does not offer its own software for this purpose. 
  • No time profiles can be created with the «Integration with n-tree».

Step-by-step instructions

Connect n-tree 

  • Contact our partner n-tree. They can show you which options are generally available for an integration and can advise you whether an existing system is compatible.
  • n-tree will carry out the corresponding installation. As soon as this has been successfully completed, the check-in system and access control will work. 
  • No activation of n-tree is necessary in SportsNow itself.