Who can use this feature?

  • Administrators
  • Premium ENTERPRISE / Add-On «Integration with Gantner»
  • https://www.neogate.ch/
  • Separate fees are charged by Neogate for the use of the Neogate Partner Solution.

SportsNow offers you an integration with Neogate. With Neogate you have the possibility to connect RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) and barcode readers (Gantner) with SportsNow for a comprehensive access control solution. This allows you to keep track of who is in the gym at any given time and ensure that only members with a valid subscription gain access to your gym. Neogate's solution is particularly well suited for fitness studios.

More information on how the check-in system and access control work in general can be found here: Check-in and access control explained

The advantages of the Gantner-Integration

  • Security thanks to access control
  • Reliable contact tracing via check-in
  • Ideal price-performance ratio
  • Creation of different time profiles
  • Optimal reading quality thanks to badges at check-in
  • Easy badge assignment thanks to additional reader in keyboard mode

How does it work?

  • Neogate offers you a check-in solution in your gym. For consulting and installation Neogate is the responsible contact.
  • The only requirement on the part of SportsNow is that your gym uses the Premium Enterprise or the add-on «Integration with Gantner»
  • During access control, members with a valid subscription will receive the appropriate access rights and will automatically be included in the check-in system.  
  • If the member does not have a valid subscription, access will not be allowed and the member will not be checked in. 
  • Subscriptions and access rights are managed directly in SportsNow.

Step-by-step instructions

Connect Gantner

  • Contact our partner Neogate. They can show you which options are generally available to you for an integration and can advise you whether an existing system is compatible.
  • Click on «Apps & Integrations» - «Gantner» - «Activate now» in the admin area.
  • Once the Gantner software is connected and active, you will see the device listed and the corresponding message «The Gantner software is connected».

Time profiles

The access control with the external partner solution Gantner allows you to create time profiles, with which you can determine the access time per subscription. So you can define on which days and at which times your members get access. You can set the time profiles in SportsNow under «Apps & Integrations» - «Gantner». Under «Add new time profile» you can set the times for the different days of the week and link the desired subscriptions.