By default, participant lists of past classes and workshops can be displayed at any time and for a specific date afterwards. If some participant lists should not be visible (anymore), it helps to ensure the following points:

  • The class is neither deactivated nor deleted. Participant lists can only be displayed for current or past classes. If a class has been deactivated or deleted, the participant lists are no longer available. To be able to display the participant lists again, the class should be restored or activated accordingly. A class that should not take place in the future is scheduled by default instead of being deleted or deactivated. See: How can I stop a class or a course without deleting it?
  • The start date of the class has not been changed: The participant lists go back at most to the start date of the class, i.e. only after the class has started. If the start date of the class has been changed manually, no more participant lists will be displayed that lie before the new start date. It is therefore not recommended by default to change the start date of running classes. To make the participant lists visible again, the start date of the class should be edited and corrected accordingly. See: Class settings explained