By default, the problem is due to two people using the same email address and therefore the same account on SportNow. This means that one person changes the data with his personal details when booking.    

However, as the email address is used as login per account and must be unique, it is not recommended by default that two people use the same email address. The following points help to solve this problem:

  • Clarify with the members concerned what their own e-mail addresses are. If necessary, an e-mail address can be created quickly and free of charge (e.g. at or 
  • Find the two persons in the admin area under «My customers». Often the member search for the last name or the respective telephone numbers helps. 
  • If necessary, correct the member's details and enter the correct e-mail address in the customer details with the function «Edit personal information».
  • Now please ask your members to log out of SportsNow and login with their own email addresses.
  • Please ask your members to verify the personal information in their account, as an account may contain the details of the affiliate. Members can update their personal information in their own account / profile under «Personal Information».