Who can use this feature?

  • Administrators and instructors with back office
  • FREE

With SportsNow you can set your classes so that when you book a class, your clients are automatically signed up in advance for all weekly classes. This is very convenient for your customers who want to attend the same lesson regularly. In this tutorial you will learn how to set up your lessons accordingly.


If a client books the weekly Pilates lesson with a new pass with 10 available bookings, he/she will automatically be registered for all lessons for the next 10 weeks.

If the customer is unable to attend on a particular date, he/she can unsubscribe independently and use the credit received back to book another class (catch up).

Step-by-step instructions

  • Click in the admin area on «Set up my studio».
  • In the progress bar, click on «My class schedule».
  • Click on «Add class».
  • Under «Booking settings» - «Booking mode» choose «The customer books all classes at once»

Additionally allow single bookings

If you want to offer the possibility that customers are not necessarily registered for all lessons, but can choose their dates flexibly, then you can create flexible passes. You can find out how to create flexible passes here: Class settings explained

Protect fixed slots of existing customers

SportsNow offers you the possibility to close your classes for new customers (new registrations).

This means that new customers who do not have a current pass cannot book this class, even if a free seat becomes available. Only existing customers with an existing pass for this class can book this class. This way you can ensure that the fixed seats are protected by your existing customers.

To find out how to close and reopen a class for new registrations, click here: Close and open a class for new registrations

Tip: In order to secure the fixed slots of your customers for the new season (e.g. quarter, block, course etc.), we recommend keeping your class closed for new registrations until all existing customers have renewed their pass.

Fixed slots in multiple classes

The booking mode «The customer books all classes at once» is used to ensure that your customers are automatically registered in advance for all weekly lessons when booking the usual lesson with their fixed slots. The credit balance of the pass is used up accordingly for booking this class and is linked to this class for automatic renewal, so that the next classes are automatically booked for the customer again when the automatic renewal takes place.

Customers who regularly attend more than one class, i.e. want to have more than one fixed slot, should therefore buy a separate pass per class, i.e. per fixed slot, to benefit from the advantages of the booking mode.