In this tutorial we explain basic terms so that you can manage your studio independently and professionally.

  • Pass: A pass is, for example, a 10-ticket card, a single entry or an annual pass to a fitness centre.
  • Booking: A booking is a confirmed customer registration for one class. A class can be booked by the customer himself or by the studio for the customer.
  • Credit balance: By default, a pass has a credit balance which can be used to book classes. If a pass has no more credit, no further classes can be booked. The credit is automatically deducted from the pass when a class is booked. If a booking is cancelled in time, the credit is automatically credited back to the pass.
  • Pending bookings: A pending booking is a registration for a class that has not taken place.
  • Past bookings: A past booking is a booking for a class that has already taken place.