With SportsNow, it is not possible to directly define a start and end date for the validity period of the subscriptions. In order to be able to offer a trial week, for example, so that the subscription is only valid during this week, we recommend that you proceed as follows: 

  • Create a workshop with the desired start and end date. 
  • Then create the desired pass with the necessary settings. For example, a validity period of 1 week, unlimited credit, validity in all desired categories, etc.
  • Check the box «The pass ends with the booked course (classes with end date)».
  • Inform your members that the pass can be purchased through the created workshop and not directly under «Passes & Prices» or by booking other lessons. Make sure this is clear to the new customers. 

By purchasing the pass through the workshop, the desired validity period is thus fixed, as the start and end dates of the workshop are automatically applied.