If you are satisfied with SportsNow and know other trainers or studios that would be interested in SportsNow and could also benefit from the advantages of SportsNow, then recommend us! You can easily and quickly send a recommendation using the «Recommend us & benefit» function. 

For every successful recommendation, we'll give you 50% off your next premium bill. Your friends won't go empty-handed either, because they will also benefit from 50% off their first bill. After a successful referral, the discount will automatically be applied to your next premium bill.

Step-by-step instructions

  • Click on «Recommend us & benefit» in your admin area. 
  • In the «Email of the studio» field, enter the email address of the studio you want to send the referral to. This does not have to be the email address of a studio, but can also be the address of a trainer or similar. 
  • In the field «Personal note» you have the possibility to write a short personal note, which will be sent together with the recommendation to your friends. 
  • To send the recommendation, click the «Send recommendation» button. 
  • Alternatively, you can also find your personal referral code at the top of this page. This code can also be used and shared directly with your friends.

Thank you for your support!