By default, if a member cannot log in, it is either because the password entered is incorrect or because the e-mail address entered is not registered. The following steps can help:

  • Check the e-mail address: If you created the member, make sure that you entered a correct and current e-mail address of the member and that it does not contain any typing errors. If the member uses a different email address, you can change this directly in their customer details.
    We have explained how to edit a customer's email address here: Edit personal information
    Alternatively, the member can create an account (login) on his own. See also: Create account (Login)
  • Create new login: SportsNow offers you the possibility to create a new login with a user defined password for your members. This has the advantage that you can quickly and efficiently help with login problems by setting a new password.
    See also: Create a new login with a password for members
    Alternatively, the customer can reset his password himself with the function "Forgot your password?"