SportsNow automatically notifies you, your team and your members about relevant events around your studio. In this guide you will find an overview of all notifications that are sent to members, your team and the studio by default. 

Good to know

  • By default, all notifications are sent to you as email. Once the SportsNow app is used and push notifications are enabled, frequent notifications such as reminders, sign-ins and sign-outs for hours are automatically sent as push messages only. If you would like to continue receiving these notifications via email, you can find out more here: Why do I no longer receive email notifications?
  • Notifications that go to the studio, such as selling a pass, are always sent via email to the studio email address.
  • Urgent notifications such as direct messages from the studio or class cancellations are sent both by email and push message.
  • In SportsNow, you have the option to turn off certain notifications that you or your members receive. This allows you to independently determine which notifications you want to send to your members and which not. You can find instructions here: Notification settings for your studio
  • The members also have the possibility to define in their account if they want to receive notifications. More information about this here: Set up notifications

Notifications to members

  • Booking cancelled
  • Booking changed
  • Booking reminder
  • Booking confirmation
  • Booking restored
  • New customer credit
  • Video(s) of the class are available
  • New video received from studio
  • New invoice 
  • Invoice changed
  • Reminder
  • Payment received
  • Livestream available
  • Livestream recording available
  • Pass expires soon
  • Pass has expired
  • Pass has been paused
  • Pass has been restored, e.g. if deleted or cancelled
  • Pass credit used up
  • Customer files received from the studio
  • Direct message from the studio
  • Class has been canceled
  • Your class is about to end (in the case of courses that build up)
  • You were missed in the class
  • Waiting list confirmation (successfully entered)
  • Waiting list: A place has become available
  • Additional notes about the class

Notifications to team members

  • Today's birthdays
  • Contact of a customer requested
  • Renewals of a pass canceled
  • New booking
  • New waiting list entry
  • A class has too few participants
  • Substitution reminder
  • Selected as a substitute
  • Class was canceled
  • Removed from waiting list

Notifications to the studio

  • New studio review 
  • New pass / sale