By default, the problem is that no badge is assigned or the pass cannot be used for check-in. You should check the following:

  • You have Premium Enterprise or the corresponding add-on «Mobile & Badge Check-In» or, depending on the partner for your access solution, the corresponding add-on (e.g. «Integration with Gantner»).
  • You have correctly assigned the badge to the member. This can be done manually or via the App. You will find further information on this: Assign badge to members
  • You have activated the pass for check-in. You can find more information here: Pass settings explained
  • The badge is possibly defective. Give the member a new badge.

If you use an access solution from Gantner, you should also check the following:

  • You use the Gantner Add-On and have defined time profiles for passes. This means that a member with a certain pass can only check in at a certain time.
  • In SportsNow you can select «Gantner» under «Apps & Integrations» and define and edit time profiles. You can link the desired passes to the respective time profile.