By default, members of one studio can buy a pass and book lessons at other studios that use SportsNow. The member can use their existing SportsNow account. 

Step-by-step instructions

Member books at another studio

  • With the function «Find my studio» under «My account» the member can search for the other studio on his own and book the desired offer.
  • As soon as the member has booked with the other studio, he/she will automatically be added to the studio's customer base. In addition, the studio will be saved as a favorite for the member, i.e. the member can book directly with the studio without having to search for it again.

Studio registers the member

  • So that the member does not have to search for the studio, the other studio can enter the member directly in their own customer base. See also: Create members
  • This enables the member to sell a pass directly, which the member can use. See also: Buy a pass for a member
  • The studio will then automatically be saved as the member's favorite and the member can book directly with the studio.

Connect Studios

  • Additionally, SportsNow offers the possibility to connect several studios with each other. This allows members to check in at the connected studios with their passes and book lessons. See also: Connect locations