Who can use this feature?

  • Administrators
  • Premium MAX / Add-on «Integration with bexio»
  • Separate fees are payable by bexio for the use of the bexio software: https://www.bexio.com

SportsNow offers you an integration with bexio. Bexio is a business software and allows you to write invoices with your own design. In addition, an automatic payment reconciliation between the e-banking account and the bexio account takes place for QR invoices. With the bexio integration, you can connect your studio with bexio and benefit from the advantages of both systems at the same time. Your invoices are automatically synchronized and existing members and subscriptions are automatically linked. Invoicing is primarily done with bexio and managing members and subscriptions with SportsNow.

If you have any questions or concerns, we recommend that you contact our support team directly. We will be happy to help you quickly and efficiently.

How does it work?

  • As soon as a member buys a new pass on SportsNow, an invoice is created by default (under My Finance). If the bexio integration is activated, these invoices are automatically transferred to bexio and the invoice status is synchronized.
  • If the contact does not exist in bexio yet, initially the member will be created automatically. The same applies to the product (the pass).
  • If the invoice has been paid (or cancelled) in bexio, the invoice will be automatically marked as paid (or cancelled) on SportsNow.
  • If you already have your members/contacts in both bexio and SportsNow, you can link them to your members/passes to avoid duplicates during synchronization. By default, contacts are automatically matched based on their email addresses to avoid duplicates.

Good to know

  • Not all members and passes are immediately transferred from SportsNow to bexio (or vice versa), but a member or pass is only transferred if a corresponding invoice exists and is synchronized. It is therefore not possible to import members from bexio to SportsNow.
  • After the invoice has been created in bexio, only the invoice status is synchronized, i.e. subsequent changes to the invoice are not applied.
  • The invoices are created in bexio based on the current bexio templates. You can find out how these can be adapted from bexio Support. 
  • Only new invoices are automatically synchronized, i.e. invoices that were activated after the bexio integration.
  •  If you would like to synchronize older existing invoices from SportsNow with bexio at a later date, you can use the «Synchronize existing invoices with bexio» feature. You can find this feature in the bexio integration settings under «Apps & integrations» - «bexio» at the bottom.

    You can define the desired period from which all open and paid invoices will be synchronized, excluding cancelled invoices. To carry out the synchronization, click on the «Synchronize now» button.

  • Alternatively, you can also manually select individual invoices for synchronization under «My finances».

  • The synchronization is performed several times a day, i.e. it may take a moment to synchronize the invoices.
  • In the event that a bill is not automatically synchronized (green bexio symbol is missing in the invoice status), it is possible to manually activate a invoice for synchronization. To do this, click on «Action» - «Synchronize with bexio» for the invoice.

Step-by-step instructions

Connect bexio

On the web

  • Prerequisite is an existing bexio account.
  • Click in the admin area on «Apps & Integrations» - «bexio».
  • Click on «Use bexio now».
  • You will be automatically redirected to bexio. If you are not yet logged in to bexio, you must first log in and then continue connecting.
  • Click on «Allow» to connect SportsNow to your bexio account
  • As soon as bexio is connected, some simple settings are available to you.


  • Automatically send invoices: If this option is activated (check mark is set), the invoice is automatically sent from bexio by e-mail. We recommend activating this option only after all templates and settings are correct and tested. If this option is deactivated, the invoice must be sent manually in bexio.
    As soon as the check mark is set, a prepared text to the invoice appears. The text can be customized. The placeholders that are present by default in this text are automatically replaced with the correct information when the invoice is sent. It is also possible to use additional placeholders, for example for the name. All available placeholders can be found here: bexio: Change the text of the mails
  • Standard VAT sales tax: Choose with which standard VAT sales tax, the invoice should be created in bexio.
  • Use product-specific VAT sales tax: Optionally, you have the possibility to use product-specific VAT for the invoice, which are defined in bexio for the product. However, this is only recommended if the VAT can be different per pass.
  • Prices: Choose whether your prices are inclusive or plus VAT.
  • Account for Cash: Select the bexio account (revenue account) to which you want to book for invoices with the payment type "Cash payment".
  • Account for Invoice / Bank transfer / Credit card: Select the bexio account (revenue account) to be booked for invoices of all other payment types.
    Note: Incoming payments (when an invoice is marked as paid) are booked in bexio via the standard account, e.g. 1029 (bank - system account). The standard account can be adjusted in bexio.
  • When you are finished, click on «Save settings».

Cross-location bexio use 

On the web

  • Go to the admin area of the desired connected studio under «Apps & Integrations» - «bexio».
  • Click on «Use bexio now».
  • The selected location will automatically adopt the bexio settings from the main connection. 
  • You can also use several main connections for several locations. To do so, log in for the different locations with the different bexio accounts. 

Renew bexio connection

On the web

  • Click in the admin area on «Apps & Integrations» - «bexio».
  • Click on «Renew connection».
  • You will be automatically redirected to bexio. If you are not yet logged in to bexio, you must first log in and then continue connecting.
    Note: If the studio has multiple bexio accounts, make sure to log in to the correct account accordingly. The currently connected bexio account is displayed under «Apps & Integrations» - «bexio» by the link icon.
  • Click on «Allow» to connect SportsNow to your bexio account.

Disconnect bexio

On the web

  • If you would like to connect your studio to a new bexio account, it is recommended that you delete the old bexio connection. This will reset all old settings, linked invoices, contacts and products from bexio. To do this, proceed as follows: 
  • Click on «Apps & Integrations» - «bexio» in the admin area.
  • Then click on «No longer use bexio» - «Reset data». 
  • You have now deleted all old bexio data and the old bexio connection and can connect your new bexio account, as explained in the instructions above.

Note: Studios using the bexio connection of a connected location do not need to renew the connection, as the new connection is automatically taken over by the connected location. Accordingly, no hint and no «Renew connection» button is visible.