Who can use this feature?

  • Administrators
  • Premium ENTERPRISE / Add-On «Connect locations»

SportsNow offers you the possibility to connect multiple locations with each other. This allows you and your members to benefit from many advantages. For example, members can check in with their pass from any location or book lessons and you can search for a member across locations. In this tutorial we explain how to connect multiple locations.

Good to know

  • Important: In order to connect studios with each other, all locations must use the Premium Enterprise or alternatively the «Connect locations» add-on. In addition, you must be registered as administrator for all locations with the same email address.

Functions of connected locations:

  • Cross-location passes: You can set your passes to be valid in other locations.
  • Cross-location classes: Your customers can use their existing pass to check in at another location and even book lessons and workshops.
  • Cross-location member search: The member search automatically expands to all locations, so you can find your desired member immediately, regardless of which admin area you are currently in.
  • Cross-location member import: You can import members from another location with one click to make your administration even more efficient.

Step-by-step instructions

  • Click in the admin area on «Manage my locations».
  • You will find all the studios you have created with this account.
  • Currently, the status is «Independent». To change this, press «Connect now».
  • Confirm the pop-up message with «OK».
  • The status of the studio is now «Connected».
  • If you want to disconnect the locations again, you have to click on «Disconnect». After a successful disconnection the status is again «Independent».