Who can use this feature?

  • Administrators and instructors + back office
  • Premium MAX / Add-On «Efficient holiday management»

For a temporary closure of your studio, you can enter company holidays in SportsNow with just a few clicks. If you enter a company holiday, all affected classes are automatically cancelled, the participants are informed and the passes are adjusted. This feature is only available on the web. 

Good to know

  • Exact extension: A pass is extended exactly by the number of days that the validity period of the pass overlaps with the entered company holidays. Therefore, consider whether you would like to include or omit the weekend in your company holidays.
    Example: If you enter company vacations from Monday to Friday, an affected pass would be extended by exactly 5 days. However, if the pass is to be extended by a whole week, i.e. 7 days, enter the company vacations from Monday to Sunday.
  • Passes: Whether a pass is automatically extended or not depends on which pass settings have been made. For the pass, it can be set whether it should be extended by the company vacations or not: Pass settings explained
  • Bookings of fixed slots: When entering company holidays, affected bookings that are during the holidays will be cancelled. If the booking mode «Customer books all classes at once» is activated for the class, then all canceled bookings are automatically postponed to after the holidays. This means that the classes will be automatically rebooked for the same class after the holidays.
  • Holidays for individual classes: If individual classes do not take place during overlapping times due to holidays, separate company holidays can be entered for them. This will automatically adjust only the affected classes and passes. 
  • Delete: If the entered company holidays are deleted, all passes, classes and bookings are automatically restored. 
  • Change the date of the company holidays: Company vacations that have already been entered cannot be changed. To change the date of entered company vacations, the entered company vacations must be deleted by clicking on «Delete» and new ones must be entered.
  • Automated operations: All affected lessons are cancelled and marked as company holidays, affected bookings are cancelled. All affected passes will be credited and adjusted accordingly, the affected members will be informed about the cancellation.

Step-by-step instructions

On the web

  • Click in the admin area on «My company holidays».
  • You can now enter your company holidays directly or view the ones you have already entered.
  • Click on «Enter company holidays».
  • Description: You can optionally add a description why your studio is closed for some time.
  • Begins at: Enter the first day of your company holidays.
  • Ends at: Enter the last day of your company holidays.
  • Affected classes: Determine which classes are automatically canceled.
    • Cancel all classes automatically 
    • Only cancel selected classes automatically: Select all the classes you want to cancel from the list.
      • Automatically adjust not all, but only passes of canceled classes.: Check this box if only passes of selected classes should be automatically adjusted.
  • Settings: Optionally, you can set that the canceled classes are hidden in the schedule.
  • Click on «Schedule company holidays».