Who can use this feature?

  • Administrators, instructors + back office and instructors
  • Premium BASIC / Add-on «Efficient member management»

SportsNow offers you many ways to manage the bookings for your classes and workshops. For each class and workshop, there is a list of participants, which gives you an overview of all bookings.

Step-by-step instructions

On the web

  • Click in the admin area on «My participant lists».
  • You will now find an overview of all your classes and workshops.
  • Switch view: The week view is used by default. Alternatively, you can switch to day view or month.
  • Select week / day / month: Use the calendar to select the desired week/day or month.
  • Class schedule for: The participant lists of all team members are displayed by default. Select a desired team member to view that member's participant lists.
  • Click on «View participant list» to display the desired participant list.

In the app

  • In the admin-mode, press on «Participants».
  • By default, the participant lists of today are displayed. Select the desired date above if you want to view the participant lists of another day.
  • Press on a desired participant list to display it.

Manage bookings

On the web

  • You can view and manage all bookings in the participant list.
  • Click on the member's name to display the member details directly (only for administrators and instructors with back office).
  • Click on the + sign at a booking to see more information.
  • With every booking, you have several functions at your disposal.
  • Click on «Action» at the desired booking to display all options.


  • Show outstanding invoices: Display all outstanding invoices of the member and settle them directly after you have received the amount.
  • Unsubscribe and refund credit: Cancel the member's booking and refund the credit back. This credit can be used to book another class.
  • Unsubscribe and do not refund credit: Cancel the member's booking and do not refund the credit. The credit is then lost. This can be helpful if the cancellation period has already expired, but the slot should still be used for other members.
  • Did not show up: Mark a participant as not having appeared. The member is automatically notified that they were missed in the class or in the workshop and is advised to cancel early.
  • Select participants: Select all participants who are present by placing a check mark at the respective booking. When you are finished, click on «Selected participants are present». Unchecked participants are automatically marked as «not present» after the lesson.
    Note: By default, all participants are considered to be present, provided that no one has been marked as «not present» or some of the participants have been marked as present.

In the app

  • In the app, you have the same functions as on the web, as well as the one below.
  • View customer details: Leave the participant list and display the customer details.

How it works