Who can use this feature?

  • Administrators and instructors + back office
  • FREE

SportsNow offers you the possibility to offer passes that renew automatically. Thanks to the automatic renewal of a pass, a member does not have to worry about buying a new pass. You can activate the automatic renewal per pass individually in the pass settings. The renewal automatically creates a new pass with a corresponding invoice. The new pass starts seamlessly the day after the old pass ends. The pass is renewed the night after the cancellation period expires and is stored in the customer details.

Good to know

  • Reminder: One week before the end of the cancellation period, the member is notified that his pass is about to expire and, if the pass is not cancelled, it will be automatically renewed accordingly. Thanks to this notification, the member still has enough time to cancel the pass.
    Example: If the cancellation period is set to 30 days, the member is notified 37 days (30 + 7) in advance.
  • Cancellation period: The cancellation period must be shorter than the validity period of the pass. Otherwise, on the one hand, the reminder cannot be sent to the member in time and, on the other hand, the pass cannot be renewed in the night after the cancellation period has expired.
  • Notification: The Studio is notified by e-mail when a pass is cancelled. To avoid email overload, no email will be sent to the Studio if the pass is about to expire or renew. For an overview of all passes and their status, we recommend using the pass overview: Show all passes
  • Subsequent setup: Passes that have already been purchased, i.e. active passes, are not automatically renewed if auto-renewal was only enabled in the class settings after the sale. Only passes that were purchased after auto-renew was set up will receive this setting. 
  • If the credit card or TWINT payment method is selected for a pass that auto-renews, the invoice will be created with the status «open». Once the member logs into SportsNow and confirms payment with their credit card or TWINT, the invoice will automatically be marked as paid. You can find more information about online payment here: Online payment in SportsNow


Step-by-step instructions

Set up period of cancellation

On the web

  • Click in the admin area on «Set up my studio» - «Further settings» - «Payment settings».
  • Cancellation deadline for continuing passes: Here you can set the notice period. By default, it is set to 14 days.
  • Click on «Save settings».

Set up automatic renewal

On the web

  • Click in the admin area on «Set up my studio» - «My passes».
  • For a new pass, click on «Add new pass».
  • To edit an existing pass, click on «Action» - «Edit».
  • Set the check mark next to «This pass will be renewed automatically after its expiration». 
  • Click on «Create pass» or «Save pass».