Who can use this feature?

  • Administrators and instructors with back office
  • Premium BASIC / Add-on «Efficient member management»

SportsNow offers the possibility to cancel a customer's automatically renewed pass so that it will be automatically stopped when it expires. The cancellation will stop the automatic renewal of the pass and not delete the pass. A cancelled pass can be used until its expiration. In these instructions you will learn how to cancel a pass as an admin.

Good to know

  • You can only cancel passes that have not yet been renewed, i.e. where the pass status is «Cancellable until...». If the status is «Has been renewed», the pass has already been renewed automatically and cannot be cancelled again. 
  • Passes with status «OK» or «Expires soon» do not renew automatically and do not need to be cancelled.
  • If the pass has been cancelled, the pass status changes to «Canceled on...».

Step-by-step instructions

  • Click in the admin area on «My customers».
  • Click on the desired customer «View customer details».
  • If you scroll all the way down you will see an overview of «Passes». You will now see all current and past passes for this member.
  • Click on «Action» and then in the dropdown list «Cancel now».
  • You will now receive a pop-up message asking if you really want to cancel the pass. Confirm this by clicking on «OK».