Who can use this feature?

  • Administrators and instructors with back office
  • Premium MAX / Add-On «Member discounts & coupons»

Sportsnow offers you the possibility to create coupons and discounts for your studio. A coupon is a one-time discount that the member can redeem when purchasing a pass with a coupon code. Alternatively, the coupon can be assigned directly by the studio. A discount is a permanent discount that is assigned by the studio.

If a coupon or discount is assigned, the discount is automatically applied when the next pass is purchased. 

To create a customer discount or coupon and assign it to a member, see below for step-by-step instructions.

Good to know

  • A coupon can only be used once, i.e. there is no remaining credit, even if the pass is cheaper than the coupon itself.
    Example: If a member redeems a CHF 100 coupon for a subscription that only costs CHF 20, this would be a pity, as the coupon would be used up. There would be no voucher with CHF 80 left, because the use of the voucher is one-time.
  • Coupons and discounts apply to all passes, i.e. it is currently not possible to limit them to individual passes.

Step-by-step instructions

Create coupons or member discounts

  • Click in the admin area on «My customers».
  • Depending on whether you want to enter a coupon or a member discount, you choose «Coupons» or «Member discounts».
  • You now get to the respective overview and see your already created coupons respectively member discounts.
  • Click on «Action» to edit or delete existing coupons or member discounts.
  • To create a coupon or member discount, select «Create coupon» or «Create discount» respectively.
  • The respective page is identical except for the name and you can proceed the same on both.
  • Discount / coupon (code): Enter the name of the coupon / discount.
  • Percent %: If you want to create a percentage discount, enter the desired percentage here. If you want to enter a fixed amount, you do not have to enter anything here.
  • Currency: Select the desired currency (e.g. CHF).
  • Amount: If you want to create a discount with a fixed amount, enter the desired amount here. If you want to enter a percentage discount, you do not have to enter anything here.
  • With a click on «Create coupon» or «Create discount» you will definitely create your discount.

Assign coupons or member discounts

On the web

  • Click in the admin area on«My customers».
  • Click on the desired customer «View customer details».
  • Click on the button «Assign customer discount».
  • You can now select the appropriate discount or coupon and assign it to the member.
  • Click on «Assign customer discount» to complete the process.
  • A message will confirm you the successful allocation of the discount.

In the app

  • Press on «Admin».
  • Press on «My customers».
  • Find the customer you want and press on it.
  • Press on «Actions» - «Assign customer discount».
  • Select the desired customer discount and press «Save».

Redeem coupon as a customer

Coupons can be redeemed by the customer himself by entering the name of the coupon (code) in the field «Coupon (code)» when booking an offer. A coupon can only be used once per customer.