SportsNow offers you the possibility to create new members directly. Customers with an email address will automatically receive a login and can start immediately. If a customer already has a login, he will not receive a new login, but can use his existing account. In this instruction we explain step-by-step how to create a new member.

Good to know

  • If you can't or don't want to fill out all the fields for a customer, you can also simply enter a "-" (minus sign) in one of the fields.
  • If the member does not have an e-mail address, you can leave the e-mail field empty. This will create the member without login and can be managed manually by the studio.

Step-by-step instructions

  • Click on "My customers" in the admin area.
  • Click on the button "Create member".
  • You will now get to the page where you can create new members.
  • Fill out all fields with the personal data of the member completely and correctly.
  • Mandatory fields are marked with a red star (*). 
  • When you are finished, click on "Create member".