To ensure that the software change to SportsNow runs as smoothly as possible, we have compiled a checklist for you. You can check it off point by point to make sure that you have considered all important points. You'll be surprised how easy it is to switch to SportsNow.

If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to help you at any time.

1. Register and test studio

                Member's View:

  • Log in as a test member on another device or in another browser
  • Book a class: Book a class
  • Check notification of invoice and booking
  • Need more time to test?

    Contact us, we will be happy to extend your trial period free of charge: 

2. Clarify questions

  • Support Center: 

    SportsNow enables you to manage your studio independently and professionally. You can get answers to your questions as quickly as possible in our Support Center. There you will find clear instructions and answers to (almost) all questions about SportsNow. In the search mask, you can enter any term and helpful articles will be displayed. For example, you can search for the term "pass" and immediately see what information is available.

  • Customer support: 

    If you can't find answers to your questions in the support center, feel free to contact us directly. We will be happy to help you within one business day.

    • Questions clarified

3. Studio ready to set up

  • Complete your studio under «Set up my studio».
    • Studio profile set up ready
    • All team members recorded
    • All required categories created
    • Class schedule set up
    • All passes created
    • All further settings made

4. Determine the date of the change

  • Experience has shown that it is best to schedule the changeover for the beginning of the week (i.e. Monday) or directly after the company vacations. This allows you to use the weekend or the company vacations to make the final preparations.
  • Ideally, you keep your existing software ready for another 1–2 months.  
    • Date determined

5. Inform early!

  • Inform your members about the change and how to use SportsNow, for example, as follows:


    Hello <member>

    Great news: We will soon be using SportsNow booking software. Starting <date>, this will allow you to easily book your lessons and passes on your phone using the SportsNow app or on the web.

    You will receive your personal SportsNow login via email in the next few days, which you can use to sign up and get started right away. Make sure to save this email and the login data. Check your spam folder if the email is not in your inbox.

    Once you have received your login:

    Download the SportsNow app from the App Store on your smartphone and sign in to SportsNow with your login. Book your lessons in the app and receive information via push message directly to your smartphone.

    If you have any questions, we are of course at your disposal. In the HelpCenter you will also find numerous instructions to help you use SportsNow: 

    We wish you a lot of fun! 

    Your Studio


  • When importing the members, an account with login is automatically created for each member. They will automatically receive the login details by email.

    Alternatively, members can also register themselves with SportsNow: 

  • Using SportsNow is very easy for your members. However, experience has shown that questions often arise in the first few weeks. We therefore recommend that you schedule time to answer these questions, e.g. before or after a class.

  • Help Center: 

    In our HelpCenter, your members will find numerous instructions to support them in using SportsNow.

    • Members informed 
    • Time scheduled for questions from members

6. Import members and passes

  • Test the import and first import your created test account with the private email address. To do this, open our Google Spreadsheets template and enter the information for your test account. If everything went well, you can now import your members.
    Instruction: Import members
  • Export your member data from your old system and import it into Google Spreadsheets. Then copy the data from the table column by column into our template.
    • CSV file exported
    • CSV file imported into Google Spreadsheets
    • Data copied to template
  • In case it doesn't work out: Why did the import not work? 
    • Test the import with a few members first
    • Import in stages, e.g. first only Monday classes and members, then Tuesday classes, etc.
  • You can also create members manually directly in SportsNow: Create members
  • Or enter existing passes for members: Register existing passes
    • All members and existing passes deposited in the studio

7. Activate premium and add-ons

As soon as your studio is set up, all functions have been tested and your members have been imported, you can activate your desired Premium offer or the desired Add-Ons. After the free trial period, the amount for the activated Premium offer and the Add-Ons will be automatically paid monthly from your credit card.

We wish you much success and enjoyment!

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