Who can use this function?

  • Administrators
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SportsNow offers you the possibility to activate a function that only members with a valid Covid certificate can access your studio. In this way, you can ensure that only members who have been vaccinated, tested or have recovered are in your studio when a certificate is required.

Good to know

  • Note that there is no actual certificate stored in SportsNow, only the certificate details verified by the studio using the official «COVID Certificate Check» app (for Android or iOS).
  • If the certificate type «2G+» was selected as the access restriction, neither test certificates nor certificates older than four months can be added.
  • If the Covid certificate function is activated, the status of the certificate is displayed for the individual members in the participant lists, as well as directly in the individual appointments. This allows to see immediately which participants have a valid certificate.
  • The studio itself must check the Covid certificate with a valid ID document and then add the certificate, therefore, members cannot upload their Covid certificate themselves.
  • The access control function with the Covid certificate only takes an effect when members check in to your studio. No certificate is required to book a class on your SportsNow page. Accordingly, all members are still able to book classes and buy passes.
  • The Federal Council will shorten the duration of the certificates to 270 days as of January 31, 2022. You have the option to automatically shorten all saved Covid certificates (Vaccinated and Recovered). Go to the special settings of your studio and scroll down. Check the box «I understand the action and want to perform it» and click «Shorten validity period now». This action can be performed only once and cannot be undone.
  • You can read more about the check-in here: Check-in and access control explained

Step-by-step instructions

Enable Covid certificate function

On the web

  • Click in the admin area on «Set up my studio» - «Further settings» - «Special settings».
  • Put a check mark next to «Activate the «Covid certificate» function.»
  • Access restriction: select which certificate type (3G, 2G, 2G+) is valid in your studio.
  • Click «Save Settings». 
  • Once the function is enabled, the studio can use the official «COVID Certificate Check» app to check the validity of the certificate.

Deposit Covid certificate

On the web

  • Click on «My customers» in the admin area.
  • Click on «View customer details» for the desired member.
  • Directly under the name, click on «Add Covid certificate».
  • Certificate type: Select the certificate type (Vaccinated, Tested, Recovered). 
  • Valid until: Specify the date until when the certificate is valid. 
  • Click on «Confirm».
  • If you want to delete the certificate, click on «Delete Covid certificate».

Check-In with certificate

On the web

  • Click on «Check-In» in the admin area.
  • Click on «Settings».
  • Check the box «Allow check-in only with valid Covid certificate».
  • Click on «Save settings».