Who can use this feature?

  • Administrators and instructors with back office
  • Premium BASIC / Add-On «Efficient member management»

SportsNow automatically creates and sends an invoice for each pass sold. Each invoice has a unique invoice number. This number is used as the payment purpose for invoice/bank transfer payments or the studio for the allocation of incoming payments. You can find and manage all invoices in the admin area under «My Finance». AAll invoices automatically contain the Swiss QR code (QR invoice). This way you can offer your members a seamless payment process and your invoices always comply with the Swiss standard.

For further functions regarding invoices and finances, we recommend the integration with bexio. More about this: Integration with bexio

Good to know

  • You can open the invoice for a pass directly in the customer details. Click on the invoice number of the pass. To see the invoice number, click on the plus sign in the pass.
  • The Swiss QR code is only displayed on invoices from studios based in Switzerland, as this is a Swiss standard.
  • On the invoice, the print date of the invoice and the URL will appear in the header and footer. If you want these areas not to appear on the invoice, you can remove them directly in the options of the print window (by default by hiding the header and footer).
  • You can enter additional information that will appear on all invoices and health insurance confirmations. See: Enter additional information for the invoice and health insurance confirmation
  • Invoices that are synchronized with bexio are marked green in the «Invoice status» column. Clicking on it takes you directly to the bexio invoice.

Step-by-step instructions

  • Click in the admin area on «My finances».
  • Here you see all the bills and have various filter functions.
  • With a click on «Select invoices» you can select one, several or all invoices at the same time. With this you can very easily pay several invoices where you have received the payment. After you have selected the invoices, click on «Payments received» at the bottom.
  • There is also a search box where you can search customers directly.
  • With a click on the + sign you can display all details of a specific invoice.

Viewing options

  • Switch view: Select which invoices should be displayed. You have the following options:
    • Show outstanding invoices: View all outstanding invoices.
    • Show dunned invoices: View all dunned invoices
    • Show settled invoices: View all settled invoices. You can also select the desired period.
    • Show all invoices: Show all invoices. Additionally, you can select the desired time period.
  • Payment option: Filter by payment method. You have the following options
    • All
    • Cash payment
    • Invoice / Bank transfer
    • Credit card
    • TWINT
    • Customer credit
  • Invoice dispatch: Additionally you can filter by the type of invoice dispatching. There are three options:
    • All
    • Online by e-mail
    • Offline (customer has no e-mail)

Invoice options

When you click «Action» on a single invoice, a drop-down list opens, giving you many options on how to edit an invoice. The following options are available:

  • Settle: You have received the payment and can mark this invoice as paid.
  • Cancel: The invoice is wrong or not necessary and you cancel it therefore.
  • Change amount: The price of the pass has changed and you can thus adjust the amount of the invoice.
  • Change payment option: Change the payment method of the invoice. For example from cash to credit card.
  • Change date of invoice: Here you can change the invoice date and the date by which the invoice must be paid.
  • Partial payment received: Enter the amount you have received for this invoice so far.
  • Note: You can enter any partial payment with the receipt date. Several partial payments can be recorded per invoice. In addition, you have in the invoice an overview of whom, when and what amount of a partial payment has recorded.
  • Send a first reminder: Send the invoice recipient a first reminder by e-mail.
  • Send the bill again: Send the invoice again by mail.
  • Note: If you've connected your SportsNow with bexio, you will not have the «Remind me» and «Send my bill again» feature in SportsNow, but in bexio.
  • Print invoice: Print the invoice.
  • Print invoice without logo: Print the invoice without your logo. This is useful if you use your own print paper with your own logo.
  • Print health insurance confirmation: Creates and opens the health insurance confirmation in the print preview. A prerequisite is that the invoice has been paid, otherwise this option is not available.
  • Reopen: You want to reopen the invoice and mark it as not paid.