Who can use this feature?

  • Administrators and instructors with back office
  • FREE

In the event that an instructor is not able to complete his planned class, you have the option of appointing a substitute to take over the class. The substitute is automatically notified that a new class has been assigned to him. In addition, he/she will be reminded in time of his upcoming class. 

In this tutorial you will learn how to appoint a substitute.

Good to know

  • Participants who have already booked the class are not actively informed of the change.
  • The substitute can be seen in the timetable.

Step-by-step instructions

Only possible on the web

  • Click in the admin area on «My participant lists».
  • Find the desired class and click on «View participant list».
  • Click on «Edit class». A window with setting options opens.
  • Remove the check mark from the prevented instructor by clicking on his name.
  • Put a check mark in the desired deputy by clicking on his name.
  • When you are finished, click on «Edit class».