Choose premium offer 

Now the time has come! Choose your suitable premium offer. 

You can find a description of our offers and a product consultant here:

And most important: Of course you can look at all our premium offers in peace and test for two weeks for free.

If you are not yet sure which offer suits you best, we recommend to test the Premium MAX as a gym and the Premium ENTERPRISE as a fitness center.

How to activate the trial version of a premium offer:

  • Click in the admin area on «My account».
  • For the desired premium offer, click on «Try it free for 14 days».
To do:
  •  Activate the trial version of your desired premium offer

Try SportsNow for free

The easiest way to get to know SportsNow better is to register as a test customer with a private email address that you don't want to use for SportsNow. This way you can test SportsNow from a studio perspective as well as with customer eyes. 

Sample Test

Take the studio perspective to start:

  • Click in the admin area on «My customers».
  • Click on «Create a member» and create a test customer with a private email address.

To do:
  • Create a test customer with your private e-mail address


Switch now to the customer perspective: 

  • You will receive a welcome e-mail with login to your private e-mail address, which you have noted for the test customer.
    Note: If an active account already exists with this email address, no welcome email will be sent.
  • Download the «SportsNow» app in the app store and log in with the test customer email address.
  • Choose a class and book a matching pass. 
  • Look at the booking confirmation, which you will now receive by e-mail.
To do:
  • Book one class and get a matching pass as a test customer

And back to the studio:
  • Take a look at the list of participants for the class that you have booked as a customer in the admin area under «My participant lists» and click on «View participant list».
  • Mark the paid bill of your test customer as paid.

To do:
  • Mark the paid account of your test customer as paid

We recommend playing through the examples described above. Of course, you can also test and get to know all other functions yourself.

Finished testing - and what now? Get started with SportsNow!

Once you have set up your studio and selected and tested the right offer, you're ready to go! 

We recommend that you import your members just at the end. You can find more information here: Import members 

Further tips on the conversion can be found here: Conversion to SportsNow

We wish you a lot of success and pleasure in getting started!

How to activate a premium offer:

  • Click in the admin area on «My account».
  • For the desired premium offer, click on «Activate now».
  • Enter your credit card to complete the process
  • Activate your desired premium offer