Who can use this feature?

  • Administrators
  • Premium ENTERPRISE / Add-On «Integration with Gantner»
  • Separate fees are charged by Neogate for the use of the Neogate Partner Solution:

With Neogate you have the possibility to connect RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) and barcode readers (Gantner) with SportsNow for a comprehensive access control solution. This way you always have an overview of who is currently in the studio and can ensure that only members with a valid pass gain access to your studio. Badges at check-in provide optimal reading quality, and badges can be quickly and easily assigned to members thanks to an additional reader in keyboard mode. Neogate's solution is therefore particularly well suited for fitness studios.

How does it work?

  • Neogate offers you a check-in solution in your studio. Neogate is responsible for consulting and installation.
  • With access control, members with a valid pass will receive the appropriate access rights and will automatically be included in the check-in system.  
  • If the member does not have a valid pass, access will not be allowed and the member will not be checked in. 
  • Passes and access rights are managed directly in SportsNow. 
  • Find here how to assign badges to your members: Assign badge to members

Good to know

  • The only requirement on the part of SportsNow is the Premium ENTERPRISE or the add-on «Integration with Gantner».
  • More information on how the check-in system and access control work in general can be found here: Check-in and access control explained 
  • Time profiles: Access control with Gantner allows you to create time profiles. So you can define on which days and at which times your members get access.  

Step-by-step instructions

Connect Gantner

On the web

  • Once a Gantner access solution is in your studio, follow these steps to integrate with SportsNow.
  • Click in the admin area on «Apps & Integrations» - «Gantner».
  • Click on «Activate now».
  • Once the Gantner software is connected and active, you will see the device listed and the corresponding message «The Gantner software is connected».

Configuring Gantner devices

The devices can be individually configured with their own mode. The following check-in modes are available:

  • Full: This mode is intended for the entrance where the member is fully checked in. This includes checking the validity of the pass, debiting a credit from the pass and registering a check-in.
  • Verify only: In this mode, the member is verified when entering a specific area of the studio without registering a new check-in and without deducting credit. This mode is mainly used to ensure access authorization to certain areas.
  • Beverage vending machines: This mode is specially designed for accessing vending machines. Here, only the validity of the pass is checked to ensure that the member is authorized to purchase drinks.

On the web

  • Click in the admin are on «Apps & Integrations» - «Gantner».
  • At «Gantner-Geräte konfigurieren» click on the desired device «Action» - «Edit».
  • Check-in mode: Here you can define the desired check-in mode.
  • Click on «Save changes».

Create time profiles

On the web

  • Click in the admin are on «Apps & Integrations» - «Gantner»
  • Click on «Add new time profile».
  • You can set the times for the different days of the week and link the desired pass.