In SportsNow you have the possibility to set up global settings for your members' bookings. These include the health questionnaire or the rating system. In this manual you will learn more about the settings.

Step-by-step instructions

  • In the admin area click on «Set up my studio» - «Further settings» - «Booking settings».
  • The customer must complete a health questionnaire before taking the first class.: This means that your members have to fill out a health questionnaire, otherwise they cannot book a class. This has to be done only once.
  • The customer may cancel bookings after the cancellation deadline. The credit is not refundable.: This way you give your members the opportunity to cancel their registration even though the cancellation period has expired, so that another member can still register for the free place. The credit will not be refunded.
  • Activate rating system: The customer can anonymously rate the classes and workshops he has attended.: This way you can get specific feedback on your lessons and know how your members like them.
  • Offer a waiting list for individual appointments.: This activates the possibility for members to join the waiting list for individual appointments.
  • Access code: Your customers can only book with the access code.