Who can use this function?

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SportsNow offers you the possibility to set up some global special settings for your studio. You can disable individual functions and modules completely. In this tutorial you will learn how to do this.

Step-by-step instructions

On the web

  • In the admin area click on «Set up my studio».
  • Click on «Further settings» in the progress bar.
  • Choose «Special settings».
  • As soon as you are finished, click on «Save settings».

Special settings: 

  • Passes can be purchased directly without having to book a class at the same time.:  This means that passes can be bought independently of a class and are not linked to a specific class.
  • Deactivate the pass and billing system. Classes and appointments are booked directly without a pass.: This way you don't need to register passes in SportsNow, because your members don't need them to book a class.
  • Activate write protection for customer data. The customer data is managed exclusively by the studio. Saved personal information (address, phone number, birthday, etc.) cannot be overwritten by the customer.: By default, your membres can change their personal information and transfer it to your studio when booking. Thus, for example, address or telephone changes can be transmitted directly with the booking. If this is not desired, activate the write protection for your member data. With the write protection, you ensure that only the studio can change the member data.
  • Hide private classes of member groups for customers who are not in the group.: Here you have the possibility to hide lessons for certain members so that they only see the lessons they can book.
  • Deactivate the feature «Member contract».: This hides the function Membership contract received
  • Hide bookings in the health insurance confirmations.: By default, the individual bookings are listed in the health insurance confirmation. By activating this function, you can hide the bookings in the health insurance confirmations, i.e. they are no longer displayed.
  • Activate the «Covid certificate» function.: This function allows you to add, delete and view a Covid certificate in the customer details. The Covid certificate can be automatically verified at check-in and thus be used for the access system.