If positions are missing from the synchronized invoice in bexio, there is a setting problem. Checking the following items should solve the problem:

  • Default VAT sales tax: make sure the selected sales tax is visible and valid in bexio.
    All tax rates in bexio can be found here: https://office.bexio.com/index.php/accountingSettings/taxList 
  • Account for cash / invoice / bank transfer / credit card: Make sure that the selected account is active in bexio. The account list in bexio can be found here: https://office.bexio.com/index.php/accountingSettings/accountList 
  • Make sure that you can manually create a full invoice in bexio with the selected settings, so there are no more problems with the settings.
  • Save all settings. At the next synchronization, you should be able to create the invoice with position. The synchronization is performed several times a day, so it may take a moment until the invoices are synchronized again.