Who can use this feature?

  • Administrators and instructors + back office
  • Premium MAX PRO / Add-On «POS system»

The POS system is a comprehensive addition to SportsNow and allows you to sell products and process refunds. Basically, you can manage your cash register on the web, evaluate your sales and sell products with the app. When selling, you can choose from different payment options (cash, EC, credit card, TWINT, customer credit). This allows you to collect the amount with any payment terminal. The payment terminal is therefore independent of SportsNow and can therefore be used with the POS system without any problems.

Good to know

  • The cash register is a pure point of sale system (POS), which was developed especially for sales and direct collection. For sales on account, wages and other accounting functions, we recommend using a business software such as bexio: Integration with bexio
  • The receipt will be automatically emailed to the member after the sale.

Step-by-step instructions

On the web

  • Set up cash register:

    • Click in the admin area on «My point of sale».
    • Click on «Settings».
    • You have the following options:
    • Standard: With the standard option, you can choose the member and payment method for each sale.
    • Simplified: The payment process is automatically completed «Without customer» and always with the same, fixed adjustable payment type. This is especially helpful for all studios where the sale is fast and without customer assignment.
  • Create a category: Create categories such as snacks, drinks, clothes, etc. that you offer. 
    • Go to «My categories».
    • To create a new category, click on «Add new category».
    • Category: Enter the name of the category.
    • Click on «Save category».
  • Add product: Create your products to the above categories.
    • Go to «My products».
    • To create a new product, you click on «Add new product» or edit an existing one.
    • Name: Name the product.
    • Category: Assign the product to the desired category.
    • Description: Enter a short description to explain what the product is.
    • Price: Enter the price per unit for the product.
    • Currency: Select the desired currency. You can choose between Swiss Francs (CHF), Euro (EUR), British Pound (BPD), Australian (AUD) and American Dollar (USD).
    • VAT rate: Set the VAT rate for the product.
    • When you are finished, click on «Save product».

Your cash register is now ready! Use the app to sell your products.

Sell products

In the app

  • Press on «Admin».
  • Select «My point of sale».
  • You will see your categories with the assigned products. Select all products for sale.
  • The shopping cart with all selected products is located in the bottom left corner.
  • If all products are in the shopping cart, click on «Pay».
  • Either select a member or press «Pay without member».
  • Select the payment method: 
    • Cash payment: For cash payments, you can enter the amount received and it will automatically calculate the change. Now press «Pay».
    • EC / credit card: Cash in the amount at the payment terminal and then press «Pay».
    • TWINT: Press «Pay» so that the TWINT QR code is automatically displayed. This QR code can be scanned directly from the member's TWINT app, or alternatively the TWINT code can be entered. The payment must be confirmed on the member's smartphone, after which you will receive a message that the payment was successful.
    • Customer credit: The amount will be automatically deducted from the selected member's customer credit.
  • If you have selected an existing member, a receipt is automatically sent to the stored e-mail address. If you don't want to send an email, uncheck «Send receipt by email».
  • If you have selected «Pay without member», you have the possibility to enter an e-mail address and send a receipt to it.
  • Press «Confirm» to complete the process.

  • Add product: Search the desired product. When you have found it, press the «+» sign to add it to the shopping cart.
  • Remove product: Press the «-» sign to remove a product from the shopping cart.
  • Enter your own values: You can also enter your own values that are not registered as products. To do so, press the calculator in the bottom right corner. Now you can select the value, the name (title) and VAT. Press «Set» to add the item to the shopping cart.
    Tip: If you press on the calculator to the left of the category name, the name and the VAT of this category will be automatically taken over, so you only have to enter the value. This allows you to quickly sell a general product from this category.
  • Show sales overview: Press «Transactions» to show the sales overview. You also have the possibility to cancel invalid sales, if you made a mistake.

View sales

On the web

  • Click in the admin area on «My point of sale».
  • You will now see an overview of your sales.
    Note: If you click on «Action», you have the possibility to change the date of sale. To do that, click on «Change date».
  • Chose the view. All views can also be exported as an Excel file for further data processing.
  • Show sales overview: This view shows you all transactions and is particularly useful to see the Sales by payment method.
  • Show sold products: This view shows you each sold product individually and is suitable to see sales by category or VAT rate.