A good practice is to set the changeover to the beginning of the week (i.e. Monday), because in this way the weekend can be used to make the final preparations. 


  • Determine the date from when you want to switch to SportsNow

Inform customers

It is very important that you inform your members about the usage of SportsNow. When you import your members into SportsNow, an account with a login will automatically be created for them. They will also automatically receive the login information by email. This is the most convenient way for your members to start using SportsNow.

Alternatively, you can allow your members to register for SportsNow themselves. At the following link, your members can create their account by themselves: https://www.sportsnow.ch/users/sign_up 

Using SportsNow is easy for your members. In our Help Center, your members will also find numerous instructions to help them use SportsNow: https://help.sportsnow.ch/ 

Below we have compiled the most important points that you are welcome to share with your members:

To-do's for members

  • Download the SportsNow app on your phone 
  • Sign in to SportsNow

Template member Information:


Hello <member>

Great news: Starting Monday, <date>, you can now book your classes and passes on your mobile phone with the SportsNow App! In the next few days, you will receive your personal SportsNow login by e-mail, with which you can register and start right away. 

Once you have received your login:

Download the SportsNow App in the App Store on your smartphone and log in to SportsNow with your login

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We wish you a lot of pleasure! 

Your studio


  • Tell your members about using SportsNow

Import your members

Last but not least, you can either import your members as a list or create them individually in SportsNow.


  • Import or create your members