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Why can not I use some functions?

The features available depend on which premium subscription you have activated. By default, you start with the FREE FREE subscription, which allows you to use SportsNow without any additional features.
You have the option at any time to activate additional functions individually (add-ons) or a suitable premium subscription (package of functions). The higher your premium subscription, the more features you have.

Currently we offer three premium subscriptions: Premium Basic, Premium Max and Premium Enterprise.
For example. With the Premium Basic you can use functions like "Smart waiting lists" and "Send messages". Other features such as access controls are not part of this premium subscription.
With the Premium Enterprise, however, you have all the functions at your disposal. All information can be found under «Prices & Services»

How does a customer find my studio?

If you capture the customer yourself in the admin area, then your studio will automatically be saved in his favorites. As soon as the customer logs in to SportsNow, he will see your studio and can start right away.

If the customer self-registers on SportsNow, they can find your studio in two ways:

  • Find my studio 🔍: The customer uses the studio search and can easily find you with your studio name
  • The (URL) of your studio page 🔗: The customer enters the URL of your studio page directly.
    💡 We recommend linking your studio page directly to your website. See also: «Can I connect SportsNow to my website?»

How can I import members who already have a subscription?

If you want to re-work with SportsNow, but your studio already has members with active subscriptions, you can import them easily and conveniently.

If you want to import these members by list, then you will find in the instructions «Import members» detailed instructions on how to proceed.

If you have already registered the member and now want to adjust its subscription, then you should the instructions «Edit a subscription to a customer» read. It explains what you need to do to process a customer's subscription.

Is a member's account recoverable after deletion?

Yes, if you have deleted an admin account as an admin then you can restore it.

To learn how to delete or restore an account, read the instructions "Delete a member„.

The account of a member is only finally deleted and can not be restored if it has been deleted by the member.

How can I register my customers with current subscriptions?

To assign customers a current subscription to SportsNow, you can do exactly as you would when subscribing to the member. You have the option to edit the subscription after creating a new subscription. You can enter the date, from when resp. until when the subscription should be valid. So you have the opportunity to make the new subscription on an ongoing basis.



Some customers have not received an e-mail. What can I do?

This can have two reasons:

  • The customer has deactivated the e-mail notifications: The notifications can be reactivated automatically by the customer "Settings" of the account. To do this, the customer simply has to switch on the "E-Mail Notifications" button again.
  • The e-mail has landed in the spam folder: Ask the customer to check his spam folder in webmail. A step-by-step guide can be found here: "I did not get any email. What can I do?"

Why does not my coworker see the admin area and their participant lists?

  • Often this has a connection with the employee's e-mail address. Please check the email address of this employee for typing errors under "My Team".
  • It may also be that the employee was assigned the wrong role. Check again if the role "instructor", "instructor + back-office" or "administrator" is selected, not "employee without login".
  • The differences between the individual roles will be yours here explained.

Can I print a health insurance confirmation for my clients?

Yes, that is possible. Prerequisite: The invoice of the subscription must be paid.

Step by step:
  • Download the corresponding invoice from the subscription (via "My finances">"Show Paid Invoices"Or via" subscriptions "in the customer details)
  • Click on "action">"Print health insurance confirmation
  • Alternatively, the customer can independently print the health insurance confirmation under "My passes

💡 Additional information for the health insurance confirmation can be stored under "My Studio"> "My Settings"> "Additional information for the invoice".


How do I see in my bank account who paid the bill?

Short: Based on the invoice number.
Each account on SportsNow has a unique number (eg # 00004-020247-42404). The customer must indicate his invoice number as the reason for payment when paying.

If you want to work with orange payment slips (ESR), then we also recommend using the business software bexio.
With bexio, you benefit from numerous financial advantages (for example, reconciling bank transactions, bookkeeping). bexio connects to SportsNow. More information: «Connect bexio»

How can I change the e-mail address of my employees?

  • You can not change the email address of your employees as an admin.
  • It can only be changed by the employee himself in the settings of the account.
  • However, you can delete a team member and create it with the new e-mail address.

Can I book an hour for a guest through my account?

Currently guest bookings are not possible, meaning you can not make another booking for another person through your account.

We therefore recommend creating and booking each customer as a member. Sign up with a new e-mail address. If you do not have another e-mail address, then create a new one (eg GMX). This has the advantage, among other things, that the studio owner has a better overview. In addition, the customer would already have an account if he wants to continue training.

How can I set a new password for my employees?

If an employee has forgotten his password, then you can do nothing as an admin.

The employee can request a new password himself by using the function "Forgot Password"Used. This generates an e-mail with a new password, which will be sent to the specified e-mail address. The employee can then log in again using this password.

We recommend that the employee change the password after the first login.

How long do I have to wait for a change to be visible?

A change such as the cancellation of an hour, the addition of a participant or the assignment of a badge is usually immediately visible.

Individual actions may take longer, such as importing customer lists, sending messages or entering company holidays.

Customer has not received a reminder that their credit has been used up. Why not?

  • If the balance of a subscription is used up AND all bookings are over (the lessons have taken place), then a notification "Your balance has been exhausted" is sent to the customer.
  • If the booked lessons can not be taken or canceled, nothing will happen.
  • If the customer has already purchased a new subscription (for the same category), then this notification is also waived.
  • The reminder is always triggered by the system early in the morning.
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